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About Jonathan

   Jonathan Chan 

(Principal Podiatrist)

BSc (Med Sci), BSc (Podiatry), MSc (SportsMed & HlthSc) 

Registered Podiatrist (AHPRA), MRCPod (UK)

Jonathan received a degree in the Bachelor of Science (Podiatry) qualification with 1st class Honours at the University of Northampton, United Kingdom in 2010. Before joining the podiatry profession, Jonathan was medical researcher with a degree in the Bachelor of Medical Sciences at the University of Sydney.

After qualifying and become a podiatrist, Jonathan began working for the Hospital Authority in Hong Kong as a clinical podiatrist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and later became the podiatrist in-charge at the Ambulatory Care Centre of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 

Jonathan has a special interest in biomechanics, musculoskeletal conditions and sports-related injuries, which led him to complete his Masters degree in Sports Medicine & Health Sciences in 2012 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Because of the clinical exposure from an acute hospital, he also developed extensive clinical experience in managing various podiatry conditions. He provided podiatry services in general podiatry care, musculoskeletal podiatry, the high risk foot and nail surgery. He also submitted research papers in the management of pressure injuries in geriatric  in-patients.

Jonathan believes clinicians need to assess patients holistically in order to decide what is the most appropriate treatment. Despite a podiatrist mainly focuses their treatment around the lower limb, to be aware of the patient’s physical and mental well-being is also an important part of the treatment. The patient’s family awareness, understanding and belief  in the treatment also plays an important role in the holistic management of the foot. In order to raise awareness, Jonathan was very active in educating and promoting the importance of foot health in various community centres, old age homes, schools and healthcare post-graduate courses in Hong Kong.

After serving in his hometown for 10 years, he returned to Australia with his family for good in 2020 and is passionate about serving the community as a private podiatrist.

Other than being a podiatrist, Jonathan also enjoys cooking in the kitchen. He finds cooking relaxing and sharing tasty dishes with friends satisfying. In his spare time, he often reads cookbooks to learn about various cooking ingredients and try making dishes with different culinary methods. Recently, he also picked up astronomy and bought a Dobsonian telescope to screen the night sky. He hopes to capture some magnificent photos of stars, planets and galaxies soon to share with you all!  

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