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General Podiatry Care

From general care like toenail cutting to foot con​ditions like fungal nails, athlete's foot, calluses, corns, bunions, ingrown toenails, dried skin, heels fissures and plantar warts are common conditions we treat on a daily basis. 

Rather than simply treating these conditions, we take the time to assess and explain to you the causes as well as how to prevent it (if it is something preventable.)

If it is difficult to treat these conditions yourself at home or your homemade treatment is just causing too much pain and discomfort, with appropriate podiatry instruments and skills, our podiatrists will make sure you suffer from minimal discomfort and making you feel better!

Foot & Heel Pain

Foot and heel pains are not just only seen amongst elite athletes. They can also be seen amongst the general populations with many reasons. The aim of a biomechanical assessment in the lower limb is to identify musculoskeletal pathologies its cause, such that appropriate treatment modalities can be prescribed to treat and prevent future injuries.

Diabetic Foot Assessment

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic systemic disease that can lead to the development of many complications. In the foot, it can lead to loss of lower limb sensation and blood flow. Poor management of the diabetic foot can potentially lead to amputation. Since prevention outweighs treatment, maintenance of the diabetic foot to prevent the development of foot complications and preservation of foot health is therefore the main aim of podiatry care in a diabetic foot. 

With our 10 years of hospital podiatry experience, we will assess your feet in a holistic manner to determine the risk level of which you may suffer from debilitating foot complications. 

Ingrowing Toenail / Paronychia

Ingrowing toenail is a common foot condition that can occur in people at any age. It is usually caused by the impingement of a nail spike or sharp nail edge that is most commonly seen in our big toe. Most ingrown toenails can be treated conservatively without the need of surgery in our clinic. 

However, if the ingrown toenail condition continues to recur regularly and causes repeated infection, a minor nail surgery could be considered. The aim is to prevent recurrence of the ingrowing toenail by removing the offending nail wedge and chemically sterilise the nail matrix such that the offending nail wedge unlikely to grow back and becomes ingrowing again. 

Our podiatrist will discuss and perform thorough pre-operative assessment with you to determine whether this is something suitable and worthwhile to be carried out.

Orthotics Prescription

Orthotics are treatment modality that provides symptomatic relief and/or treat musculoskeletal conditions of the foot by correcting abnormal foot functions and/or redistribute plantar pressure. It may also be a useful tool to prevent foot injuries. 

Everyone's foot is slightly different. Thus, prescription orthotics are sometimes offered if the foot pain is related to the abnormalities in foot function or plantar pressure. 

However, orthotics are no silver bullet to treat foot pain and orthotics may also require the support of other treatment modalities such as strappings, stretching exercises, muscle strengthening exercises, joint mobilisation etc. to maximise its effectiveness. 

Our podiatrist will discuss with you the best treatment option for your foot condition. 

Physical Modalities

Physical modality are non-invasive treatment modalities that aims to provide symptomatic relief for your painful foot condition. Modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound and shockwave therapy are the most common physical therapies. Our podiatrists will decide and discuss with you whether physical therapies would be beneficial in the treatment of your foot pain.

Children's Feet

Children's feet are different to that of an adult's foot because it is constantly growing and changing. Foot/Leg pain may develop during the growth of a child. Conditions such as developmental flatfoot, intoeing (pigeon feet), toe walking, foot pain due to growth spurt, warts, ingrowing nails etc. are common foot pathologies seen in children. 


Dry Needling

Dry needling can be effective in the management of heel pain. We will need to conduct a thorough assessment before deciding whether or not this is suitable for your condition. 


Joint Mobilisation/Manipulation is a manual therapy that involves the application of force on a displaced foot joint such that it can be returned to articulate in its optimal position and that compensation of the peri-articular structures due to that displacement could be reversed. 

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